Discover the features that Media Publisher™ offers to publishers and readers alike.

Cloud-based service delivery

Ever wondered what sort of technology you would need to publish your online magazine, journal, newsletter, blog or press centre? You shouldn’t need to think about it.

Media Publisher™ is a cloud-based publishing platform. All you need is a web browser to access and administer your publications.

We take care of the technology for you, so you can concentrate on creating engaging content and communicating with your audience.

Our cloud computing environment is secure, highly scalable and always available. It’s built on industry standard technology such as Microsoft C#, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Server.

So whether your publication has an audience of a few thousand, or a few hundred thousand, Media Publisher™ delivers.

Cloud computing diagram

Standalone or website integration

The Media Publisher™ cloud-based publishing platform is highly flexible allowing you to create standalone publications each with their own website and domain name, or you can create publications that look and feel part of a larger company website.

As a standalone publication, Media Publisher hosts the domain name of your publication and all of your content. Its like having a dedicated website.


If you already have a website and you want to create publications that appear as if they are part of your website, such as a monthly newsletter, member magazine, or blog, simply use Media Publisher to host the sub-domain name of your publications. Your readers can seamlessly navigate between your website and your Media Publisher hosted publications.


Web, tablet and mobile

Deliver your publication to more people in more places with Media Publisher™ web, tablet and mobile editions.

Media Publisher™ supports the latest HTML/XHTML/CSS web standards creating a rich interactive website for your content that is supported by all of the leading web browsers on a wide range of platforms.

Your publications will render beautifully on tablet devices like the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Motorola Xoom simply using a web browser. No need to customise your publication or develop an application for every device you want to support.

For smaller screens, Media Publisher™ detects and renders a mobile version of your publication displaying a simplified list of articles with headlines, teasers, and thumbnail pictures. Your readers can view the full content of each article rendered specifically for their device. Of course your readers can switch to the full version of your publication on their mobile device at any time.

Monitor, tablet and iphone's


Media Publisher™ simplifies and optimises the production of many different types of online publications.

From magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters, blogs, press and investor centres, member communications, published on whatever frequency you desire, you’ll find Media Publisher™ ready for the job.

Media Publisher™ has all of the elements that you have come to expect from well designed and engaging publications. Media-rich articles organised into editions, sections, sub-sections, departments, and columns. Articles designated as feature stories, lead stories, breaking news or presented in your preferred position and order. Pictures showcased in galleries and slideshows.

Design your own layout or customise one of our starter designs. You have total control over your look and feel. We’ll work with you to get your design into production. All you need to do is manage your content and publish it as often as you like.

Existing publcations screenshots


You’ve created a media-rich publication with lots of sections, articles, pictures, and reader comments. You optimised it for search engines and syndicated your content to lots of social networks. Your readers are only just catching up, and you’ve just been discovered by a whole new audience.

Now your ready to start your next edition. Do you trash the current edition and start again? Archiving is difficult or a real chore, right?

Media Publisher™ offers a powerful streamlined way to organise your articles into editions and to archive your editions creating a catalogue of back issues. Each edition is preserved in its original format and remains easily accessible to your readers, search engines, and syndication outlets. Your publication will be found more often and read more widely.

Build your readership and increase repeat visits by growing your library of content using Media Publisher™ editions.

Existing websites past-editions screenshot


The heart and soul of your publication is the engaging content you create and source for your readers - the articles. It’s the reason they keep coming back.

Media Publisher™ supports media-rich content such as rich text, pictures, thumbnails, video, audio and podcasts. Creating and editing content is easy using the WYSIWYG editor and file upload capabilities.

Give your articles a headline, teaser, publication date and author. Easily assign articles to publications, editions and sections.

Control where and how your articles appear by designating them as feature stories, lead stories, breaking news or simply presenting them in your preferred position and order. Pictures can be showcased in galleries and slideshows.

Automate publishing and expiry dates. Cross-reference and reuse articles. Add meta data such as keywords and tags to ensure your articles are found by leading search engines.

Existing websites article page screenshot

Comments, polls and surveys

Start a conversation with your readers using Media Publisher™comments, polls and surveys.

Allow your readers to submit comments on designated articles. Review and approve comments prior to their publication. You have complete control using the review and approval process.

Polls and surveys are a great way to gauge reader opinion. You can easily poll your readers on the hot topic of the day right on the front page and publish the results in real time.

For a more comprehensive analysis of the important issues, create a multi-question survey.

Media Publisher™ gives your readers a voice and helps you safely engage and involve your audience in the conversation.

Comments, polls and serveys examples


Deliver your publication direct to the mailbox of your readers with Media Publisher™ newsletters.

Create HTML and text format newsletters using articles from the current edition and back issues. Include advertising from your current campaign and track response rates.

Use a range of preformatted templates for the layout of your newsletter or create your own reusable templates. Preview your newsletter in HTML and text format to ensure your message looks exactly as you expect.

Media Publisher™ newsletters works with leading third-party email marketing tools like MailChimp® to ensure targeted delivery of your content to your subscribers.

If you offer free subscriptions to your newsletters, your readers can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves at any time.

Newsletter screenshots


For more fine-grained control over access to your content use Media Publisher™ subscriptions. Entire editions and individual articles can be made publically available or secured for subscriber only access.

Media Publisher™ helps you to easily create and maintain subscriber accounts with contact information, login credentials and subscription details. Flexible subscriptions periods, multiple payment methods, promotional codes and discount coupons, complementary subscriptions, automated expiry dates and renewals are all supported. Your reader’s subscription history is available at glance.

Your subscribers can access their account details, update their contact information, change their login credentials and renew their subscriptions online at any time.

So whether your publication is for paid subscribers, or simply “members only”, you can decide who, what, when and how.

Notebook with lock


Media Publisher™ offers a complete interactive advertising solution for your publication to maximise your reach, impressions and advertising revenue.

You can create and manage advertising campaigns that appear in both your online publications and your email newsletters. Campaigns can be developed on a per edition basis and can continue to appear in back issues if desired.

Your ads can be a mix of your own directly-sold ads, and those from Google AdSense and other ad networks. All of the Internet Advertising Bureau standards and best practice guidelines can easily be incorporated into your publication layout.

Media Publisher™ works with leading ad serving platforms such as Google DoubleClick and AdSpeed to provide you with the latest ad serving technologies and advanced web analytics. Together with these services, you can serve ads, manage ad inventory, track real-time statistics about ad impressions, clicks, conversions and revenue.

Advertising workflow diagram


Provide your audience with the latest news headlines, recent updates, a summary of your current edition, and audio podcasts by syndicating your content with Media Publisher™ feeds.

Feeds help you distribute your content well beyond visitors to your website, add a sense of immediacy to your content, drive exposure across numerous other online sites, and generate new traffic to your publication.

Media Publisher™ generates RSS / XML / Atom feeds for feed readers (Google Reader, NewsGator, web browsers) and news aggregators (Yahoo News, Google News, Bloglines) on web, tablet and mobile devices. Generate feeds of your audio podcasts and submit them to the Apple iTunes Music Store reaching potentially millions of listeners on the go.

You have complete control over feed generation. Filter and select content by edition, publication date, section, and article type. Publish headlines, teasers, full text, pictures, and audio. Control number of articles and sort order.

RSS symbol with feed examples

Social networks

Empower your readers to share and promote your content to over 300 social networking and bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious using Media Publisher™ and the AddThis plugin.

AddThis allows your readers to quickly spread the word to their social network with the click of a small unobtrusive button aall over the web.

Links to articles are automatically created ready to bookmark and share with AddThis. Readers can quickly add article links to their favourite social networking and bookmarking accounts for their friends to access reaching a greater audience and driving traffic to your publication. Readers can also email and print your articles and add them to their web browser favourites.

Gain powerful insights into your audience’s social media activity and gauge the impact of your content across social networks with in-depth traffic analysis generated by AddThis.

Addthis popup and Google Analytics screenshots

Search engine optimisation

Create a search engine friendly publication that improves the visibility of your content and increases the likelihood you’ll appear in search result lists using Media Publisher™.

Optimising your content and reducing barriers to the indexing activities of search engines is an important part of Internet marketing. This is what gives your publication web presence.

Media Publisher™ produces website designs, navigation systems, and content that is optimised for the purposes of search engine exposure. Your content is not locked away behind designs, formats, and technologies that limit search engines from effectively indexing your content.

Add keywords and meta tags to your articles that are only visible to search engines to more effectively index your content and improve rankings in search result lists.

Search engines and webpage anlaysis diagram

Web analytics

Gain rich insights into your publication’s traffic and marketing effectiveness with Media Publisher™ and Google Analytics. Media Publisher™ makes it easy to add your personalised Google Analytics tracking code to each page and article in your publication and start tracking reader activity.

Using your Google Analytics account you can see how many new and returning readers your publication has in a given period (visits), which pages and articles were read the most (pageviews), how long readers spent on each page and article (time on site), and how many readers left after reading a single page or article (bounce rate). This is just a sample of the rich information available.

Google Analytics can help you keep track of how your readers interact with website, tablet and mobile versions of your publication. All traffic can be viewed by operating system, browser, device and carrier. Media Publisher™ with Google Analytics gives you more ways to determine what marketing efforts are most effective for you.

Google Analytics screenshots

Author and editor management

Media Publisher™ is a multi-user system with fine-grained access control to the extensive range of content creation and publication management functions.

Create user accounts, manage passwords, assign privileges, track account usage, authorise and revoke access, and prevent unauthorised access attempts.

Set accounts to automatically expire at a future date such as at the end of an assignment. Users can manage their own passwords and request password reminders/resets helping to reducing administrative overheads.

So whether you have a team spread out across the globe, or a couple of people in your local office, Media Publisher™ gives you control over who can author, edit and publish your content.

Diagram depicting various levels of access